About the Organization

The West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association (WVOTA) represents and advocates for the needs of occupational therapists throughout the state. This health care profession provides specific care based on the idea that any meaningful and purposeful activity that one needs to accomplish throughout the day is an occupation – from brushing teeth and showering, to preparing a meal, being able to reach to the very back of the closet, write a check, or make a plan to go grocery shopping. Occupational therapists work with people who may have physical or mental disabilities, who may berecovering from an injury, illness, or surgery.

Established in the 1970’s, WVOTA has obtained statewide licensure for the occupation. The organization is committed to giving its members robust continuing education opportunities, access and impact on issues at the national level, and the assurance that the occupational therapy profession has a long, productive life in West Virginia. 

Functionality Matters

I was pretty clear about what I wanted on a broad scope, and I knew that I wanted a good look, but more importantly I wanted the functionality behind the visual.” Rondalyn Whitney, WVOTA president, was determined to improve the organization’s website usability. Local occupational therapists had given her blunt feedback about their experience trying to navigate it: “We just stopped going to the website.” Those words compelled her to take action. 

Rondalyn was familiar with Jamie’s work from websites he’d built for other similar organizations. She also wanted to work with a local web designer, and after evaluatingseveral designers, Jamie fit the bill. 

When Rondalyn and a WVOTA member first sat down with himmembers’ ability to use the website to easily sign up as members, access information, and enroll in continuing education was foremost in her mindThese things matter,” Ms. Whitney notes, adding that the full functionality of a website communicates the organization’s commitment to its members.

“Jamie really understood this and came back with specific and he expanded on what I was looking for. I felt like he listened well and responded with tools that would accomplish what we wanted.

An Interactive Process

Jamie worked closely with the WVOTA to develop a list of website enhancement deliverables and he stayed in close touch with Rondalyn, always informing her of progress made and how best WVOTA could prepare for the next steps. “He was very interactive,” Rondalyn adds, “and he really guided the whole process.” 

As they moved forward, Jamie did some tweaking, adding various extras in line with the goal of improved functionality. “He always tried to give us the best in terms of what we were looking for,” Rondalyn recalls.

What impressed Rondalyn most about Jamie’s process was his perfect timing. He was skilled at holding back suggestions until Rondalyn was ready to hear them and move forward. “He always has 101 things that he can tell you about how to improve your website, but he drips them out so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Rondalyn recalls that Jamie often approached her saying, Here’s where you are, and here’s what’s possible – it’s not time now, but this is something you might want to think about.” She was impressed that whenever Jamie offered suggestions, he gave reasons for each one.

The Bigger Picture

Jamie’s approach gave Rondalyn and her board of directors a view of the bigger picture. “He really has this very large body of knowledge that he can make available – things that would never have occurred to us.” Rondalyn adds that Jamie was great at helping the staff and board think through various aspects of the website, such as the safest ways for people to pay for their membership online.

Rondalyn is still excited about Jamie’s ability to see areas of expansion for the WVOTA website, which has been especially valuable for the organization. Their website is now mobile-friendly with new capabilities such as providing much easier access to WVOTA’s official position on pending state legislation. “This is a small thing, but it’s huge to be able to access and share this kind of information to our members instantly.

The membership is just now being introduced to the most recently added website tools and functionalities. Members have been accustomed to accessing information about WVOTA through the organization’s Facebook page. Rondalyn’s focus now is to use the Facebook page and other platforms to direct their constituents to WVOTA’s much-improved website. She fully expects to hear very positive feedback from members whose previous website experience was less than great.

Moving Forward

Rondalyn and the WVOTA look forward to implementing additional enhancements that Jamie has and will continue to suggest. “There’s a lot more interaction that’s possible for us through our website,” she says, and WVOTA is committed to keeping their website a dynamic tool for use by their growing membership.

Jamie remains engaged with WVOTA, maintaining the website and developing various improvements as needed. Rondalyn is very happy about this, and she sums up her experience with Jamie in a few powerful words: “He’s impressive, responsive, holistic and forward thinking.

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